Be our guest #disney #newfantasyland

Be our guest #disney #newfantasyland

Gorgeous. #disney #newfantasyland

Gorgeous. #disney #newfantasyland

Donaldo! #disney #newfantasyland

Donaldo! #disney #newfantasyland

Life's a dance; you learn as you go.: Disney Bucketlist!


So I have contemplated making one of these for a while now, and since I am staying longer and I am doing more Disney-esque things, I figured why not make one! So here is what I have so far! I have seen some other lists that I stole some from so if I did, sorry but they’re good ideas! Oh, and I…

Anonymous said: Hi, I just got accepted for the Disney College Program for Spring 2013 as a concierge. I'm unsure whether I want to take it, mainly because I don't know very much about the role. Do you know of any past or current concierge cast members who run a blog like you? I'm trying to find more information as to what being a concierge is like but so far I haven't had much luck.

For some reason, the answer I posted last night didn’t post, and if it did and this is repetitive, I’m sorry. BUT congratulations!! I think you should definitely accept. Concierge is a great role in WDW and the resorts are such a great place for interacting with guests. One of my followers, brianchase is a concierge at the Boardwalk and he should be some great help. Look him up here on tumblr and he should answer any questions you have!!

To you:

All my new followers, welcome! Of the late, I have not posted much about my program just too many changes and rare things happening that don’t normally happen while on the program so I am trying not to give the vision that that’s what every program is like. 

If you go back a couple pages into the beginning of my blog, I have very thorough posts about my first 70 days or so. Yes, I wrote a post every day. While I am still on the program, I currently am not living within housing. I am trying to get out of DCP housing because I have my own apartment in Davenport. Disney housing WILL NOT let me out of Chatham so I am dealing with that at the moment. They have until Tuesday to release me or I will make havoc happen! Just kidding. But I am pretty active on the Facebook groups with any questions and I love answering them. So always feel free to contact me there or even on here.

I will say this: When someone asks a question, I answer them the way I have read/heard it happen. Others will reply to how it happened to them. So it’s hard to read and ask so many questions when you receive 100 different answers. Disney is a person-person basis. There are no set rules or obligations they live by. I didn’t get released from housing, however there are other people that have. So thing like that you just have to deal with. With that being said, if the answers I give you are incorrect, I didn’t lie to you. Disney just does things differently and is constantly changing. I only arrived 9 months ago and the arrival process is completely different. So I want to help. I am opening my ask box to help.

Good luck to all the penders, I once was pended from January-April 29, so I know how painful it is.







Disney College Program, Day 234, seriously.

Wow. Where do I begin?

I can’t believe how it is already September. I remember January like it was yesterday. And man what an adventure I have been on. I know I vowed to write in this blog every day but you know, life gets hold of ya and you just have to go with it. That’s why I started the whole vlog thing because it is just much simpler. I know they are terrible but it’s fun. 

Anyways, here is a breakdown of my College Program with Disney in a (not so) nutshell.

I arrived in January with 3 great roommates whom I miss very much.

I work at Flame Tree BBQ in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and I love my job even though it’s the frowned upon ‘QSFB’, I don’t look at my job as I am serving food. I look at this as a lifetime experience to further my career in the company. 

In February, I was asked to become a trainer at my location to train new people coming into Flame Tree. I also paid off all my school loans and I was so proud of myself for doing that while down here on the program.

In March, I applied for an extension to extend my program until August 3rd. I received said extension and I accepted to stay at my same location.

In April, I received an award for my role in Animal Kingdom called the Quarterly Award. Each leader at every location writes up a letter for a couple cast members and then some secretary reads them and picks one. She picked me and I was filled with joy and I received free parking backstage and $30 Disney dollars.

In May, I moved into a new apartment in Chatham and got new roommates and had to make all new friends. Boy was that fun. This month, I also was asked to become a General Teller at my location. This is just the person who deals with all the money and everything at the end of the night. 

In June, I applied for another program extension to stay until December and I received said extension at my same location again. I then had a terrible health incident that made me almost end up going home to Ohio for good, but things began to look up for me so I ended up staying.

In July, my mom came down to visit and got to see Disney World and where I work and it was such a fun time.

In August, I moved into another apartment and I decided I need to start deciding on a future down here. I heard about Disney’s Tuition Reimbursement Program which will work as long as you’re a Full Time Cast Member and they approve the classes you take. So in August, I began seeking out ways to go Full Time so I can go back to school. Turns out that I will be going to Full Time status by October. I was asked to become a Global Core Trainer in Animal Kingdom over the Food and Beverage locations. This is a huge deal and a great honor to be apart of the team. My work location is trying to get my status changed from College Program to Full Time ASAP. 

Why is that so important? Well I just signed a lease at an apartment complex since I will be going Full Time so if I get my status changed, then I have to move out of College Program housing since housing denied me. So there is a lot of change going on lately with my work status and living situation.

My advice to people coming in on the program is to take every opportunity that comes your way. Utilize your resources and the contacts you make while at your location. I’ve made a ton of different contacts with higher-ups and I contact them regarding my future employment. They are really trying to do anything they can to keep me here in the company. So if you are really set on staying in the company, talk. Talk to your managers. Tell them what you want and where you want to go in the company and they will help you out. That is what I did my entire 234 days down here, and now look where I am headed.

I found two roommates on The Hub and we’re moving into an apartment in Davenport which is right off Disney property. We leased a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom with great amenities including a washer and dryer which was a huge selling point. Until I get out of Disney Housing, I am stuck paying rent there plus at my new apartment. But sometimes you have to go through hell to get to greatness. I may be pinching pennies, but I haven’t had a bad feeling yet. 

So that’s my program and all the advances that I have received. So it is true, you can get raises while on the program. No matter what you read or watch, the Disney College Program is different for everyone. You can’t base how other programs are vs. what yours could be. Just because I love my job in QSFB, doesn’t mean everyone does. It’s a very demanding job with a lot of training and hard work. So if it’s for you and you like a challenge then apply for QSFB. 

Applications are rapidly approaching so if you have any questions, ask them I will answer them in a vlog coming up tomorrow. A lot of you have approached me on Facebook and on here about hanging out and I am so excited to do so, just let me know a good time! And for those of you like Matt, I can’t wait to meet you in the future.



polkadotloveex3 said: Just watched your vlog! It was good. I was wondering if you could go over the application/acceptance process since its almost time to apply? Thanks so much!

I will on Friday! I will warn you, a lot has changed since I applied a year ago though. But I will give my advice as a whole!!